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Your Complete RV Set-Up Steps Checklist for the Camping Season

Your Complete RV Set-Up Steps Checklist for the Camping Season


Parking & Setting-Up Your RV

Congratulations on your amazing new RV purchase! You’ve reached your camping/parking destination, but how do you go about setting up your RV? You will need to first find a nice camp site for you to park and set-up your RV in. If you have a camp spot ready, please see below for the full RV setup steps checklist once you’re at your campsite.

The Galaxy RV Set-Up Checklist

Below is a handy checklist that we like to make sure our clients get a chance to read so that they feel more comfortable and confident with setting up their RV. We want each customer to have great fun and memorable RV adventures without hassle!

RV & Fifth-Wheel Setup Steps

Below are the steps to take to setup your RV or fifth-wheel once you arrive at your camping location.

Pull or back into site, and locate trailer/motorhome onto site as desired.

You will first need to choose/find your camp site, and then will need to get your RV or fifth-wheel onto the campsite in a desired position. This can be done by either pulling into or backing into the campsite. Do this slowly and precisely.

Put tow vehicle/coach in park, and apply parking brake.

The next step will involve putting your RV or vehicle into park, and remembering to apply the parking brake to reduce any risk of the vehicle/RV running-off.

Chock trailer/motorhome wheels.

For additional security, you should chock the trailer or motor-home’s wheels to further secure it in place.

Disconnect umbilical cord and other connections between tow vehicle and trailer.

If you have been towing your fifth-wheel, make sure to disconnect any connections between the tow vehicle and trailer. This makes it safer in case any of the vehicles are not secure enough, and will also ensure you don’t waste electrical power.

If trailer is a fifth-wheel, lower the truck tailgate.

Raise the trailer to disengage hitch. Disengage parking brake and carefully pull forward until tow vehicle is clear.

Extend rear stabilizing jacks as required.

This can help keep your fifth-wheel or motor-home stabilized once you’re settled into your camp site.

Extend trailer steps.

To help with getting in and out of the fifth-wheel trailer safely, extend the steps as needed.

Level front to back using landing gear/front jacks and levels.

You will want to make sure your motor-home is level for safety and comfort.

Level side to side using long 2-by-6 boards or specialized levelers under trailer wheels.

This is a good way to further ensure your RV or motor-home is properly leveled, if needed.

Check shorepower and polarity using testers.

You will want to ensure the shorepower is all good by checking on it and it’s polarity.

Connect to shorepower, water and sewer (and phone, cable TV as required).

Once the shorepower looks all good, it is now time to connect it, as well as the water, sewer, and any other assets that require power like TV etc.

If propane is to be used, turn on gas at both tanks.

If your propane tanks are needed, make sure to turn them (all) on so that you can use them freely.

If trailer has slides, extend the slides.

Open a vent, door or window. Remove travel bars from slides. Extend slides. You should be ready to enjoy your camping trip now!


Enjoy Your RV Camping Trip!

That’s it, if you’ve followed the checklist above, you should be ready to let the good times roll, without parking issues that may cause unwanted things to roll!

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