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How To Get RVs Ready for Spring, Summer & Fall Camping Seasons

How To Get RVs Ready for Spring, Summer & Fall Camping Seasons

Once the cold winter season has passed and the warmer spring weather starts to approach, there are many tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure an RV is de-winterized properly and ready for the camping seasons of spring, summer, and fall. Read on to learn about some important steps to take for how to get your RV ready once it has been de-winterized.

De-Winterize Your RV

The first step of getting your RV ready after the cold winter season is to “de-winterize” the RV. This involves a few things like checking your RV’s water & plumbing, checking your anti-freeze to see if it is non-toxic, checking the water heater, and more. Once you have taken those steps, it’s time to move-on to other areas of your RV.
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Check The RV Exterior for Cracks or Leaks

Cracks in your RV’s exterior can cause water and/or air leaks. Check the sealant around windows and doors as this is a common area for cracks and leaks. Inspect your RV to ensure no cracks, leaks, and/or water damage has occurred during the winter season.

Ensure The RV Battery is Fully Charged

It is a good idea to store RV batteries in a safe & warm place during the cold winter months in order to protect it, but even just storing a battery can cause it to lose its charge. Make sure your battery has enough charge before re-installing it into your RV. If you need to get a new battery, get a new battery!

Check Your RV Tires

Your RV won’t be able to ride smoothly without good tires. Check your RV tires to ensure they all have enough air in it, and to check their overall grip too. If your RV tires need an upgrade, get new tires as needed.

Check & Fill the Liquid Propane (LP) Gas System

Many RV enthusiasts will use refillable propane tanks to fuel their propane gas needs. So, no-one enjoys running out of it while camping out-and-about. Ensure you have enough propane gas in your propane gas tank, and re-fill it if needed! Having an extra tank or two is a common choice as well.

Test the RV’s Appliances

This is a step that many forget, but is important to ensure you have a nice camping experience when you go out. No-one wants to get all setup at a camping spot only to discover that some important appliance is not working, so check your appliances to ensure they are all still working well.

Clean the RV’s Interior

Ensuring that the inside of your RV is as clean and organized as possible is not only visually appealing, but will ensure better safety for the RV users as well.

Completing Your RV Preparations

In the end, it’s up to the RV owners to ensure their RVs are protected and taken care of. Besides protecting your RV from the winter season and de-winterizing the RV thereafter, there are more steps to take afterwards to ensure you’re all ready for the spring, summer, & fall camping seasons. From checking the exterior for cracks and checking on your tires, to checking on the interior appliances and cleaning-up, there are a number of steps to take to prepare for the a great camping season.

New RV Shopping for the Camping Season

If your RV requires a ton of updates and fixing, it may be worth trading your old RV for a new one! We have a ton of new (& used) RVs to shop from, and our friendly staff is always here to help you get ready for the camping season too! Shop our new RVs, and contact us today for more information about trade-in options.
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