Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Sat 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Sat 8:30 AM - 5 PM
Sun Closed

Health and Safety Planning

Health and Safety Planning

Galaxy RV is doing our part to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy with several COVID-19 precautions.
Our RV dealerships will be temporarily changing to limited hours, 9AM – 7PM Mon-Thur, 9AM – 6PM Fri-Sat, and 10AM – 4PM Sundays.
Other than the Duncan RV Service location which is open 8:30AM – 5PM Mon-Fri, our RV service departments will also be temporarily closed.

Sanitation & Cleaning

All high-traffic areas within the RV dealerships are getting increased sanitation and cleaning efforts multiple times a day.
We also use a paid cleaning team to tackle the normal cleaning routines at a professional standard so our staff can focus on serving our clients.

Demo Prep

We wipe and vacuum all hard and soft surfaces inside our RVs and trailers on display.
If staff or customers interact with a trailer/RV, it will be re-sanitized, regardless of how recently it’s been done.

Relaxed Cancellation Policy

Need to reschedule? Any appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled upon request without any obligation.

Lots of Sanitizer Stations

We’ve installed additional hand sanitizer dispensers and locations in all our RV dealerships. These extra locations help remind guests and staff associates to sanitize hands throughout the day.

Hand Etiquette

While we love to shake our customers hands, health officials have made it clear that all dealership employees are to practice frequent hand washing and refrain from contact, including hand shaking.

Shared Foods & Beverages

Complementary guest treats & snacks, our coffee & beverage stations, and all shared foods, have been temporarily removed for safety.

Travel Restriction

Our team members & partners understand the health risks of exposure and will not engage in unnecessary business travel. All Galaxy employees are required to advise management of personal travel destinations so the company can make necessary arrangements.

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