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Detailing & Cleaning RVs

Detailing & Cleaning RVs

After spending your hard earned money, you want your RV to shine! The best way to retain the value and keep your RV in good condition is with regular detailing. Detailing is an important step in regular RV maintenance. It ensures a healthy start to every trip.
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Professional RV Cleaning

Professionals disinfect while cleaning, which will protect your RV from mold buildup, dust, and dirt. There are many steps to a professional detail. Each step will require certain equipment and products to achieve the best results. From the suds to the polish, you want to know your RV is getting the best treatment.
When cleaning your RV you normally start at the top, the roof. It is important to know what kind of roof your RV has, as most are fine to walk on, but some are not. Even if your roof is not safe to walk on, ladders can be a good option to clean the roof of your RV. When cleaning the roof you’ll also want to make sure all the windows and vents are closed. There are special cleaning products that are recommended for rubber roofs, and there are many different types on the market to suit specific needs.
It is vital to clean the awning of your RV. Many times the awning gets put away wet and this can produce mold. If you get mold you may need special products/bleach to bring items back to a bright white colour.
When working on the sides of the unit, a clay bar can be used to take off contaminants before you start to apply wax/protectants. When it comes to wax, there are many types to choose from, so it is best to do a little research to see which would work best on your particular unit. If you are unsure you can always skip all these steps and come see Galaxy RV!
You want a detailer that knows those special tips!

  1. When to apply the wax (not in direct sunlight)
  2. How to use a polisher (be careful of the decals)
  3. How to get your roof spotless, no ugly black streak here!

Detailing your RV is a very important aspect of owning one. Whether you have just purchased your new RV and want to keep it looking new or you have an old RV that you want to look new again.

Protect your RV Investment

We all love the Sun but it is not so kind to RV’s and vehicles. On vehicles, the sun fades paint, destroys clear coat, makes black plastic parts look dull and grey. An RV is affected the same way. Whether your RV is made out of Tin, Filon, Fiberglass, or has full body paint, making sure the surface is properly protected is very important. This inspection should be done by someone who knows where to look for tears, cracks, peeling or missing caulk so that your RV is always well maintained. And you can catch any problem before it becomes an issue. Rain tight is Right!
Cosmetic care can become complicated due to the size and many materials used on the interior and exterior. Proper maintenance can ensure lasting beauty, protection, and restore any finishes that need it. Protect your RV so it will stand the test of time. Come by Galaxy RV today to get your RV detailed!
If you need us, the pros at Galaxy RV will get the job done right, so you can tick one more thing off your To-Do list before that upcoming trip. Not only does this help ensure a great trip, it also helps with resale value!
Are you planning on trading in or selling your current RV for a newer model? Get the most for your money by detailing your RV! This way it will sparkle and shine just like when you bought it. Contact Galaxy RV and one of the sales associates will be happy to help.

Protect your RV so it will stand the test of time!

Please feel free to call us or use our contact form if you have any questions about pricing or booking service. Stop by Galaxy RV today to get your RV detailed!

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