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Azdel Composite Panels

Azdel Composite Panels

What is AZDEL Onboard?

AZDEL is a brand of composite paneling made from a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass that offers many proven benefits to traditional wood panels.

The long term benefits of a high quality water-resistant composite material in an RV are numerous.

AZDEL has lower health risks

Unlike conventional interior panels treated with compounds like formaldehyde that lead to warnings for air safety, AZDEL is made from materials that avoid toxic off gases.
There is also a health benefit from avoiding a panel material that can foster the growth of toxic mold. Traditional untreated wood panels can absorb and hold moisture creating an opportunity for material rot and allows the growth of toxic mold.

51 Days of Soaking in Water

Clearly water and the competing wood panels do not mix well! Pinhole leaks or roof damage can allow water into unwanted areas.

AZDEL has been tested and proven to inhibit mold and mildew growth when exposed to conditions that trigger these issues in traditional paneling materials.
Substantial weight savings, plus better insulation makes AZDEL perform well above alternative panel products in RV applications.

Get RVs Featuring AZDEL Onboard @ Galaxy RV

The AZDEL composite panel product has been used in RV manufacturing since 2006, and is a feature in many of the new, used, and consignment RVs for sale at Galaxy RV.
RVs w/Azdel onboard (PDF)
We will keep this page as accurate as we can but, like our inventory, the RV manufacturing world is constantly updating as new products and solutions come to market.

Coachmen RVs w/AZDEL Onboard

The two Coachmen RV models with AZDEL interior panels are the Chaparral and the Brookstone.

Forest River RVs w/AZDEL Onboard

When it comes to Forest River RVs the Flagstaff, Solera, Forester, Sunseeker, Rockwood, and the R-Pod models can be found with AZDEL panels.

Jayco RVs w/AZDEL Onboard

A few Jayco RV models feature AZDEL interior panels, including the Hummingbird, Jay Feather, and White Hawk travel trailers.

Nexus RVs w/AZDEL Onboard

Both the Nexus Viper and Phantom models feature AZDEL panels.

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